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White book: Polymer nanoscience and nanotechnology, a european prospective

Aa. Vv.

2008 – 17×24, pp. 342

The European Commission has granted the Network of Excellence NANOFUN-POLY on nanostructured and multifunctional polymers and nanocomposites as one of the projects selected in FP6 to reduce fragmentation in the European Research Area. The reader can find a brief description of our Network structure and objectives in the Introduction of this book in Section 1.In this White Book, the NANOFUN-POLY partners intend to present the current state-of-the art and the relevant inputs related to the polymer nanotechnology topics considered in the Network of Excellence project to the scientific community. It could be of interest to include here a brief analysis of our motivations and objectives. Indeed, the White Book was planned from the start of the Network as a deliverable of the five Areas of Excellence where NANOFUN-POLY has focused its integration activities: Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Processing, Structure-Property Relationships, and Applications and Life Cycle Analysis. However, along the life of the Network we have gradually changed our original intentions leading to a wider interpretation of the White Book initiative.